About Us


We formulate and process a comprehensive range of high quality agro products range helps to enhance yields to all kinds of fruits, vegetables, flowers etc. The modern manufacturing facilities at Softfeed processes formulations like WP, SL, WS, SP, EC, WT, SC, etc. of various Insecticides, Fungicides, Organic, Weedicides, Bio Stimulants, Plant Growth regulators, Plant Growth promoters, Watersoluble Fertilizers, Micronutrients, Chelated micronutrients, Complex grade fertilizers and Seeds.

Our Vision & Mission


To stand out as a unique agro product that is to accomplish any possibility.

Our promising and best quality products adhere to international standards and help our consumers practise farming with ease and profitable.


To achieve customer delight by providing affordable prices with remarkable service and effective communication.

To continuously improve our management system to ensure a conducive work atmosphere for internal and external customers.

Why Us

Softfeed aims at providing its consumers with a promising range of agro products that are essential at every stage of agriculture. This includes customised solutions that are required to bring healthy and fuller growth to crops. Our only aim is to empower our consumers with the most promising range of agro-products. This includes cost-effective solutions for all formers, helping them with healthier and fuller growth in corps.

We understand our customer's challenges and their needs. Our product range includes fungicides, insecticides, and regulators; promotors; organic Fertilizers; seeds; water-soluble designed to product your sow at every stage. Serving its consumer with a high standard of farm products. We've been delivering finest Since product since 2 years, innovating consistently and bringing newer and more refurbishing product To our customer each time.

Hard Working People

Our Team

Amarnath Bhagwandas Sarda

Managing Director

Rushikesh Bhagwandas Sarda

Senior Sales Manager

Kedar B. Sarda

Representative Officer & Factory Manager

Sunil Santosh Bansode

Financial Officer & Dispatch Officer

Nitin Mahadev Pimpale

Board Member

Ram jagtap

Board Member

Pranav Anil Wattamwar

Board Member