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Softfeed Agro Processing LLP & Softfeed India Repacketech (OPC) pvt. ltd. was incepted in the year 2021 that we are dealing in creating and working to serve our consumers with a brilliant array of agro products for agriculture and horticulture that are needed at every stage of farming. We are the first company in India to work on every aspect of agriculture, working in every sector like seeds, medicines and chemical fertilizers.

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What We Do

We formulate and process a comprehensive range of high quality agro products range helps to enhance yields to all kinds of fruits, vegetables, flowers etc. The modern manufacturing facilities at Softfeed processes formulations like WP, SL, WS, SP, EC, WT, SC, etc. of various Insecticides, Fungicides, Organic, Weedicides, Bio Stimulants, Plant Growth regulators, Plant Growth promoters, Watersoluble Fertilizers, Micronutrients, Chelated micronutrients, Complex grade fertilizers and Seeds.


Our Story

Our promising and best quality products adherence to international standards and help our consumers to practice farming with ease and profitable.


Our Featured Products

Water Soluble

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Complex Fertilizers

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Complex Fertilizer 12:32:16
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Product Categories

Our Products Range Includes


Fungicides are pesticides that kill or prevent the growth of fungi and their spores. They can be used to control fungi that damage plants, including rusts, mildews and blights


Insecticides are chemicals used to control insects by killing them or preventing them from engaging in undesirable or destructive behaviors.


Herbicide application occurs most frequently in row-crop farming, where they are applied before or during planting to maximize crop productivity.

Plant Growth Promoters

Plant growth promoters are substances that enhance the development of plants. They help in boosting the growth of the crop as well as its quality.

Complex Grade Fertilizers

Complex Grade Fertilizers are additional substances supplied to the crops to increase their productivity. These are used by the farmers daily to increase the crop yield.

100% Water Soluble fertilizer

A water soluble substance is a substance that can dissolve in water. Knowing the solubility of the ingredients that make up a formulation is crucial to developing a product.

Plant Growth Regulators

Plant growth regulators (PGRs) are chemicals used to modify plant growth such as increasing branching, suppressing shoot growth, increasing return bloom, removing excess fruit, or altering fruit maturity.


Micronutrients are the fertilizers that are required in very small quantities but are crucial for various plant growth.

Bio Stimulants

Bio stimulants are natural or synthetic substances that can be applied to seeds, plants, and soil. These substances cause changes in vital and structural processes in order to influence plant growth through improved tolerance to abiotic stresses and increase seed and/or grain yield and quality.


organic amendments applied to soils, other than direct deposition of excreta by grazing animals, and includes animal manure, sewage sludge and compost, along with rendering waste, guano, brewery waste, digestate and other bio-wastes.


The mycorrhizal biofertilizer helps plant protection from many soil-borne infections, reduces transplantation and acidic shock, and so on. All of these aspects evenly contribute to the increase in crop yield.


The seed is the embryonic stage of the plant life cycle. Most seeds consist of three parts: embryo, endosperm, and seed coat. The embryo is a tiny plant that has a root, a stem, and one or more leaves. The endosperm is the nutritive tissue of the seed, often a combination of starch, oil, and protein.